This Is A Bad Idea: Goldstriker 24-Karat Gold Accessories

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Let's say you have a Lincoln LS Jaguar S-Type and you're looking to tart it up a bit. You could go with any number of body kits, lowering components, flashy grilles and billet wheels, but you want to set yourself apart from the crowd. Do something, you know, classy. This is where Goldstriker comes at ya with 24 blingtastic karats of pure gold-plated luxury. Not only do they offer all the shiny bits for a Jag, but they've also got stuff for your Audi, Chrysler 300C, BMW, Benzie and more. Oh, and at such reasonable prices.


For instance, the gaudy gorgeous S-type grille above runs a mere $750. A gold-plated BMW M3 badge? A steal at $70. How about a four-piece dress-up kit for your Mini Cooper? They're giving 'em away at a mere $300. With prices like that, we're assuming you've all rushed over to outfit your rides with the latest in stylish and conservative auto accessories, 'cause nothin' says distinctive like a gold-plated Honda Civic Type R. [Goldstriker]

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Rob Emslie

Goldstriker? Looks more like a tallywacker.