Illustration for article titled This Incredible Datsun 510 Has An SR20 Turbo Motor And Nearly 400 HP

No power steering. No power door locks. No power brakes. It's just you, a 40-year-old rear-drive coupe, three pedals, a turbocharged SR20 engine with nearly 400 horsepower and the road.

You can have your fancy modern exotic cars. I'm more inclined to take this amazing swapped and boosted Datsun 510. Matt Farah drives it on the latest (free!) episode of /TUNED, and he makes it sound like a most compelling machine.


This one belongs to Rick O'Connell, who's driven pretty much nothing but extremely fast built-up, track-focuses Datsuns. On this one, he says he loves the balance — it weighs just under 2,400 pounds and has perfect weight distribution front and rear.

What's it like to drive? Right around 4,000 RPM all hell breaks loose, and after that you feel like Paul Newman on a racetrack everywhere you go.


Do. Want.

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