This Idiot Pedestrian Caused A Crash And Then Walked Away Quickly

After I moved to the District of Columbia, I quickly learned that in addition to being our nation's capital, it is also the jaywalking capital of the entire country. People here cross streets in heavy traffic with near-total impunity; most drivers, even cops, simply smile and wave them on. It's kind of ridiculous, actually.

But it turns out we Washingtonians have nothing on the Chinese. No act of pedestrian idiocy I have ever witnessed even comes close to this, which was caught on a traffic camera for all to see. It took place a couple days ago in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, according to Beijing Cream.


In it, we see a man or woman carrying a bag who strolls right into heavy traffic from both directions. Then in an attempt to avoid killing this person, the driver of that green truck swerves right into a pole.

So what does our intrepid pedestrian do? He/she checks out the wreck for a few seconds and then walks away. Unbelievable.


You stay classy, China.

Hat tip to Anthony!

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