For as much grief as we've given Honda for making a string of monotonous four-wheeled utensils, it's had some kick-ass ads. We all remember the Rube Goldberg spot from back in the day, and then its follow up a few years later. Now they've made this: Keep Up. No, seriously. Try to keep up.

While the Goldberg ads were great, they were still using the linear format of the standard TV spot: Moving pictures in a set length designed to grab your attention and think Honda is cool.

This spot, which you need to watch and interact with, takes the technology we're normally consuming videos with – PCs, phones, and tablets – and uses it to do something that's impossible while passively sitting in front of a screen.

Granted, it's not nearly as good as Honda's "The Other Side" campaign for the Civic Type-R, which might've been the best use of YouTube's features to date, but this is pretty clever, if just for its simplicity.