For as much grief as we've given Honda for making a string of monotonous four-wheeled utensils, it's had some kick-ass ads. We all remember the Rube Goldberg spot from back in the day, and then its follow up a few years later. Now they've made this: Keep Up. No, seriously. Try to keep up.

While the Goldberg ads were great, they were still using the linear format of the standard TV spot: Moving pictures in a set length designed to grab your attention and think Honda is cool.

This spot, which you need to watch and interact with, takes the technology we're normally consuming videos with ‚Äď PCs, phones, and tablets ‚Äď and uses it to do something that's impossible while passively sitting in front of a screen.

Granted, it's not nearly as good as Honda's "The Other Side" campaign for the Civic Type-R, which might've been the best use of YouTube's features to date, but this is pretty clever, if just for its simplicity.