This Guy's Two-Year Old Design Looks A Lot Like The New NASCAR Camaro

Just last week, Chevrolet and NASCAR unveiled the Camaro Nationwide car that will be hitting race tracks for the first time next year.


But we got an email today from a digital artist that shows he designed a car that was nearly exactly the same two years ago.

Mike Gehri of 3dAutosports sent us a video of a rendering he put on YouTube in 2011 of a NASCAR Nationwide Series Chevy Camaro. Mike says that he "doesn't know anyone at GM and has never contacted them about it."

He created the car as a bit of an aside when he was working on 3D models of all the 2011 NASCAR racers, just to see how it would look. This is because when the new Nationwide cars were introduced, Chevy did not want to run the Camaro because of the differences in the shape of the body, no matter how marketable it could be. They ran the uninspiring Impala instead.

This is either proof that Chevy saw it and figured "hey, that doesn't look God awful" or proof that there are only so many ways to put some Camaro styling on a NASCAR body.

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