This Guy Was Astoundingly Unfazed After Being Run Over By A Big Rig

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Thank gosh for ground clearance: this hapless bicyclist got knocked right on his face by a 14-wheeled cargo truck, which then ran him over in the middle of a Ningbo City intersection as captured by surveillance cameras.

I can't decide if this guy's lucky or not. I mean, great break for being missed by every one of the truck's wheels and dangling heat shields. But, damn, this goofball sailed right into that rig's blind spot.

Doesn't look like the truck driver was aware of the biker at any point up to, during, or after the collision. The biker would have done really well to take a quick glance over his shoulder before crossing the street; a lesson for all you space-shots pedaling around busy cities.


Sad to see no mercy was shown to the battered bike guy either. Not only is nobody rushing to his aid as he sits stunned in the road, but it seems like folks are cruising right by him (0:13).

Hat tip to BBC News!

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Also unfazed: this lady. Apparently she sees this all the time.