Here's the setting: 40-year-old Allen Schroeder, driving on a divided-lane bridge, lost control, busted through the concrete barrier, leaped a 30ft gap, smashed into railing on the opposite bridge, then plummeted 40ft to water below. Unbelievably, he escaped largely unscathed.

Schroeder, alone in his van at the time, somehow, by the grace of God and probably a rip in the space-time continuum, escaped his van after the violent collision by swimming from the vehicle as it sank into Soldier Creek under the North Topeka highway bridge. He scampered up the rocky embankment and waited for emergency responders to arrive, at which point he was taken to an area hospital and treated for shoulder pain! If this guy has any wits about him he'll go out and play the lottery, hit Vegas, strike up a conversation with every pretty girl at the bar. Luck like this comes along once in a lifetime. [CJ Online]