Does anyone know some sort of trick to get Austrians to give you expensive stuff? Specifically, I'd like the Austrians who run We-Inspire to set up one of these multi-projector based digital drawing walls in my house. Should I just drug some Almdudler and wait?

The system will be installed at the LA Auto Show, so hopefully I'll get a chance to try it out there. According to the PR email I got, it appears that the drawings are vectorized, which means they can be expanded to fill the entire wall with no loss of quality.


It's pretty easy to see how valuable a tool this could be for designing cars, starting with small sketches and expanding them to full scale for packaging and fitment tests. Plus, it would give any office that Bond-villain video wall look we all crave.

Hopefully during the LA show I'll be able to give a mini review before they kick me off it for only drawing old Beetles.

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