It’s stylish, it’s loud, it’s fast, it’s comfortable and believe it or not, also dead reliable, as Mike Musto points out. What more can you ask from a ‘64 Ford?

I’m a bit hooked on very fast Ford Fairlanes ever since I saw what they can do against some hardcore touring cars around the Goodwood Circuit. But those are stripped out race cars while Colin Sebern’s ‘64 is a modified Thunderbolt clone engineered to be the perfect daily driver with a bone stock exterior hiding modern underpinnings that use racing technology to make this boat handle like no other Fairlane.

To qualify as a daily driver, it had to keep its temperatures no matter what’s going on outside. It also has to start every day, provide a comfortable ride and have enough sound deadening to keep a long journey enjoyable despite those loud exhausts. Colin’s car is just spot on.

If anything, I would put on different tires, but hey, what do I know?

Photo credit: /Drive


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