“Ute” is Australian for “car with a bed like a pickup truck,” but “6.0 V8 and a full rally suspension setup” is awesome in any language.

Rally racer and builder Steve Riley said he “wanted to put an Aussie flair” on the idea of a rally car, so he turned on of the country’s beloved modern El Camino-type machines, tore everything out below the skin, and turned it into an animal of a scream machine.


Even the exterior, which looks vaguely stock, seems to have been swapped out for a lot of carbon kevlar. The spaceframe chassis is completely custom.

It’s also four wheel drive.

I’d love to see how this thing would do in Baja. Somebody ship this baby in—no need to worry about import laws for race cars! 4x4 Australia had it out for a blast last year and says “while the ute is relatively straightforward to drive, it still needs to be man-handled.”

All the best cars like a little tough love.


Hat tip to HammerheadFistpunch!

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