This Ferrari 250 GTO Took Two Years To Fix And It Sounds Delicious

When Ferrari 250 GTOs come up for auction, they are regularly one of, if not the most expensive cars in the world. So when you destroy one, you don't send it to the junkyard. You send it back to the factory at Ferrari from whence it came, where they repair it into a screaming Italian goddess of beauty and love.


And since the Ferrari 250 GTO is, in fact, a race car, when the Ferrari craftsmen and artisans are done re-building it, they take it out for a run on the company's famed Fiorano test track. Which lets us hear that ridiculous V12 sing in all its beauty, like a famed soprano gearing up for her signature libretto.

This particular GTO was the one involved in what has been termed the world's most expensive car crash, when it was reportedly rear-ended and subsequently pushed into the path of an oncoming minivan.

You think any of that will impact its ludicrously-high value, though?



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