This Fearless Ford Driver Flung A Bobcat In The Chaos Of A Driveway Tussle

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A North Carolina man and woman were attacked by a bobcat in their driveway earlier this week, and things got real crazy, real fast. What starts off as a sleepy suburban morning becomes a chaotic scene, culminating in the man throwing the bobcat and yelling “I’LL SHOOT THE FUCKER!”


The day seems to start off innocuously enough, as the man and woman begin their morning by loading things into a Ford Explorer. To the side is a fabulous Ford Freestyle, a vehicle that never got its proper due despite being a wagon.

The man bids good morning to a runner and turns to the Explorer. He carries a tray of food and what looks like coffee, which he then sets down on the hood right after reminding himself that he needs to wash his car. I mean, coffee on the hood is a risky move already, but it pales in comparison to what’s next:

Wild 46 seconds, indeed. Like, The Call of the Wild meets The Edge stuff.

The bobcat can be seen crossing the street early on in the footage, and Reddit users suspect the wild animal was trying to make a meal out of the unseen pet inside the crate the woman was carrying. The husband leaped at the offending feline, pulling it off the woman and hoisting it aloft.

He held the bobcat high, then flung it onto the lawn in an attempt to put some distance between animal and people. The Fords, too. But the Bobcat dashed toward the driveway and the man ran after it, yelling about shooting the thing.

It’s harsh, but this is fight or flight, y’all! Moreover, aggressive behavior like this can be the actions of a rabid animal. Rabies does pose a very serious danger to humans, so it’s best not to run the risk — and unfortunately, that meant stopping the bobcat for good. Had the bobcat run away after being tossed, that would’ve been a different story.


The man was able to fend off the attacker, and he did in fact shoot the fucker, as reported by Newsweek. The attack seems connected to an incident in Pender County, and following that incident a spokesman for the Pender County Sheriff’s Office, Lt. Keith Ramsey, issued a statement confirming that the animal was killed.

The statement also confirmed that the bobcat killed in Pender County tested positive for rabies. The man and woman did get their rabies shots following the incident, according to Newsweek. All’s well that ends well, I suppose. And I really hope that Ford Driver can get around to washing his car, too. He deserves a break, zoning out in the car wash after that chaotic rumble in the driveway.

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I get the throw, but I’m not crazy about it. I couldn’t tell you how I’d react, I guess probably the same, but I dunno, the animal lover in me cringes at that. Then again if it was trying to eat one of MY kitties, I suppose I would chuck a bobcat.