This Dude Turned His Electric Motorcycle Into A Tron Bike

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This is the dumbest and best thing I’ve seen anyone do with an electric vehicle.

This is not a wildly technical modification: the guy wired neon lights onto his Zero, following the lines of the bike like it came out of Tron. It does not make his bike faster. It does not make his bike more efficient. It does not make it look more like a conventional motorcycle.


It makes it look uniquely electric. I think that’s quite important.

The specifics of how the guy got this to work is that he had to wire the lights in to the bike’s daytime running light wiring and wire in a switch so that he could turn it off were a cop to get pissed about it. He also had to superglue the neons onto the bike, since no tape or other adhesive would stick. Electrek actually tracked down exactly what you yourself would need to buy if you wanted to do this yourself.


Anyway, this is dumb but also kind of brilliant and I love it. Would that all EVs could get this treatment.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Homeboy didn’t fully commit:

Wheel lights are a must.