There are so many questions unanswered in this video from Russia (where else). Why is he clinging for dear life to the hood of that car? Does the driver know he's there? Why doesn't the driver slow down? Why does the driver ram the car that's filming at the end?

What happened afterwards? Did the hood-rider survive? Were they injured? Was anybody injured? And if the driver knew the person was there, what motivated them to exact such vengeance? Did the hoodrider kill their dog? Did they contaminate their sandwich? Was the film car in cahoots? How does one go about being in cahoots with a crazed driving maniac? Maybe this is a stunt? Maybe everyone here knows what they're doing? Maybe no one here knows what they're doing? Why does desperately clutching the hood of a car seem to be so common around the world?


And why is there no video description, thus telling us exactly what the hell is going on here?

Alas, the world may never know.

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