This Documentary Series Will Help You Fall Even More In Love With Supercross

Earlier this year, Monster released a YouTube series on Supercross called Behind The Dream. They’re following that up with a new series called Chasing The Dream that dives a little deeper into the history of the riders competing this season and a behind the scenes look as the season progresses.

The first episode focuses primarily on Ryan Dungey, as well as some of the other guys who train with Aldon Baker and follows them into the first round of the 2016 season at Anaheim.

I loved the history on Dungey and Baker, and it gave me even more respect for the KTM rider. I’d love to see him start losing some races so this season gets more interesting, but he certainly deserves to win and have his name included when talking about some of the greats—something I’m pretty sure we’ll see happen.

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I don’t usually watch much racing on TV, but I did catch a bit of the Daytona supercross on Saturday. It was decently entertaining, but one of the races I watched (450 class I think) spent literally all but 10 seconds of the race focused on one rider (can’t remember his name, he was in Florida to fish and was basically racing for the hell of it, or so they said about 15 times), which didn’t make the race all that fun to watch, even though there were a couple good passes. The 250 class after that was better. I stopped watching after that.