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In Colorado, a semi truck struggled to ascend a steep road. The solution: a gang of pickups and SUVs tied themselves together and yanked the big rig in a glorious display of 4x4 teamwork.


Colorado has been getting blasted with snow lately, as you might have known from all the snow-covered lawn furniture on your Facebook wall. We’ve already shown you that big, heavy trucks can really struggle in crystallized water, but the truck in this video takes the struggle to new heights, as four vehicles are needed to pull him up the hill, as one pushes from behind.

I see two Silverados, one old K5 Blazer, a 4Runner and — leading the charge of course — a Jeep Cherokee XJ.


As a Jeep XJ spazz, I’m going to go ahead and claim that all vehicles sans the XJ couldn’t make it up the hill, and that the XJ is actually pulling them all up the incline.

I’m kidding, of course. Enjoy the video:

Photo Credit: Kirsten Thomason/YouTube

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