This is what makes SEMA great. A '50(?) Studebaker Champion with a Ford 390 FE engine and lots of wood paneling. Sweet.

I'm always happy to see Studebakers. Mostly because there's not many around here in Europe. And when it comes to Raymond Loewy's bullet-nose design, things get even more exciting. I mean, that was inspiring enough for the Soviets to copy it for their children. Don't bother asking Putin though, as he'll never admit it.

Californa's Hill's Rod and Custom used an Art Morrison chassis with their own exhaust system, custom headers, a hand fabricated transmission tunnel and custom water lines to incorporate the thermostate and cooling. The crazy intake system is the very same that made it to the cover of the 1959 Hot Rod Magazine:

Sounds like a sweet package, doesn't it? Here's what it used to look like....

... and here's the final car, a sweet mixture of Tatras, rockets and the rainforest.

Let's just start a new space age already.