This Comparison Shows How Sports Car Racing Has Been Equalized

Next year marks the end of the long war in American sports car racing, with- ALMS and Grand-Am finally coming together to give fans one series. It also means that the Grand-Am Daytona Prototypes and ALMS P2 cars needed to be equalized. Here's what that equalization looks like.


My pal Marshall Pruett over at Racer sent this over, and it's a side-by-side video (with different audio on each channel) of a P2 car and DP car lap at Daytona. What you'll notice is that the equalization has been achieved in different ways, which will make for an interesting cat and mouse fight at each track.

The P2 cars have huge grip and braking power, the DP cars make up for that with raw power. So straightline fights go to the DP cars, corners go to P2. The drivers will need to figure out how to best exploit their cars strengths in the race. Should be fascinating to watch.

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