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This Car Is A Fire-Breathing Rhino

Illustration for article titled This Car Is A Fire-Breathing Rhino
Screenshot: HGK Racing

HGK Racing in Latvia is known for building ultra-fast BMW drift cars using all carbon-kevlar bodies and huge naturally-aspirated American V8s. Now they’ve built a Toyota 86 and it is a rhino.


The cause for the pronounced horn is that the car uses a Mast Motorsports V8, one of the more high-end LS-based aftermarket engines out there, known for having really quite tall intakes for better breathing.


You can see what I mean when you see the car sans hood here:

Also please watch the big V8 chuck some good fire:


This car is gonna rip.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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I mean sure, it’s a monster. But can you actually put all that power to the road?