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On a hapless quest through the internet for pictures of a "Cadillac boat," a reader stumbled across someone's long-neglected home-made custom job. It's a pink 1970something Cadillac, stretched into the shape of a guitar with fighter jet tail fins topping it of. What?

According to Google Street View, it's languishing in a junkyard owned by an outfit called "Texas Truck" in the southeast of France between costal towns of Cagnes-sur-Mer and Antibes. At least, it was in 2008 when they took these photos.

Street View Fun discovered it some time ago, but part of me is convinced someone who reads Jalopnik had something to do with contriving this strange beast and I sincerely hope they jump in to tell us more about it.

All I can tell is that is looks perfect for a blues singin' superhero and just about nothing else.


Who thought this thing up? Has it ever been driven? Our men Travis and Mate are in France right now for the 24 Hours Of LeMans... but I reckon they should detour to see if there's anything left of this thing to salvage.


Hat tip to coleslaw4dinner!