Meet the BCZRCCR Porsche 911. It's got a "Preserve Our National Parks" licence plate from the state of Washington, a tuned engine, the colors of a Plymouth truck and the biggest ducktail ever. It rocks!

The owner of this amazing machine works with high-end cars on a daily basis, so no wonder he felt like building something special for himself. But since he already had a mint condition 1980 Plymouth Arrow Sport pickup truck in the garage, he decided the Porsche had to match. That's when the planning went a bit crazy:

But don't think for a second that the BCZRCCR is your average beefed up 930. It was based on the 934/5, the Group 4 racing version of the Turbo. With somewhere between 480 and 550 horses and a curb weight of 2,403 pounds, that car was a pretty special set of wheels in 1977.

This was a late night project:

On a limited budget and a strict timeline during off hours from work (I am involved in the industry), many all nighters and weekends were spent on the car over the course of about 3 months prior to its "unveiling".

Under those massive wheel arches, we find Rotiform BTH 18x11/18x14 wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Corsas. I have no idea how much downforce that tail is making, but it works just fine according to it's proud creator:

It's a dream to drive! I have several test and tune track days coming up, on the street its very fun and even daily-driveable.

There's no stereo, as he said getting insurance for it "was a whole other dilemma", and while the engine got tuned, we don't know exactly how much power it makes:

I haven't dyno'ed the car since the modifications and honestly its not about the power for me. The car was built as a lightweight momentum car to be able to carry speed through corners. It has only been finished for a couple weeks now and it will continue to evolve.

Sounds like a plan!

You can check it out for yourself thanks to these great photos given us by Travis Cuykendall.

Photo credit: Travis Cuykendall and @mcmrevival