As some of you may know, I have been busy for just about the last year keeping up with all the crazy automotive mayhem going on with the upcoming Bond film, SPECTRE. Well folks, this is what it has all been building to.

I mean of course the marketing season for the movie, which drops this November. FInally I can push aside all my blurry cell phone spy-pictures of Land Rovers in the snow and C-X75’s blasting down the streets, and greet with a warmth in my heart the clarity and grace of press photos - and video - of what I have been stalking following for over a year.


Our man in the streets of Frankfurt, Mate Petrany, was able to score some exclusive photos for us yesterday, and was even invited to Jaguar’s little party in Frankfurt (I have to remind myself to stay professional, but I have always struggled with jealousy).

And with that, I’m going to just leave it to the release materials and link you to all the “I told you so” articles I can brag about. Ladies and gentlemen, Jaguar - Land Rover’s SPECTRE:

To quickly recap, that’s the Jaguar C-X75 “prototype,” except now with less hybrid mumbo-jumbo and more supercharged V8, the modified Land Rover Defender “Bigfoot,” and the new Range Rover Sport SVR. Mmmmm.


The good/bad news is that we still have just about two months until the global premiere of SPECTRE on November 6th, so there will be plenty more content spewing from all the ridiculous product placement deals going into this movie, including some details on Aston Martin’s DB10.

The general consensus in the Jalopnik office is the Jaguar is the better car, and even I, a lifetime devotee to the Bond franchise and its Aston Martin models, am inclined to agree. JLR has a division called “Special Operations”.. I mean come on!

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Video courtesy of Jaguar and Roy Zukerman on YouTube

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