Back To The Future is, and shall remain until the end of days, one of the greatest movies ever of all time forever. That is beyond dispute. Beyond the DeLorean DMC-12 that made it so iconic, though, was its theme song. And this cover is one of the few that do it justice.

Though the original was written by Alan Silvestri, this stirring acoustic rendition by Gregory Johnson is simply beautiful. It's a harmonious blend of the original epic theme, mixed with melancholy Spanish guitar.


This song would be perfect for some sort of Back To The Future sequel, maybe as part of a trilogy or something, set in the Old West. Doc could be a blacksmith. And maybe you could have Biff Tannen's great-grandfather or something. You could call him Buford Tannen. And there could be a train at the end. And then the train flies, and there's two children named Jules and Verne.

Yeah, that would be a good movie.

H/t to BoingBoing!