This Awesome F-150 With Flames On It Comes With A Matching Chopper Bicycle

This is what you really need for a trip to Virginia Beach, Va., Gulf Shores, Ala., or any other of ‘Merica's fantastically rednecky beach destinations: A pickup truck with flames on it and a matching chopper-themed beach cruiser.

Grab one of those "Red Cross Sex Instructor" T-shirts at the local gift store and you'll be all set. Ready for fast times and even faster women.

Where did we find this gem? The place from whence all such awesomeness spawns. SEMA.


But seriously, this thing is awesome. Especially because if gas prices go up so much that you can no longer afford to fuel your tricked out truck, you'll have an equally tricked out bicycle as a backup. You just can't lose with this one, folks.

Photo credit: Curtis Joe Walker

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