This Alfa Ain't From Mississippi: The Autodelta Brera

A stack of info on Autodelta's new Alfa Romeo Brera tuner landed in our inbox this morning, breaking our concentration — hopefully not irreparably. Aside from being atop our list of Cars We Desperately Want to Drive But Can't Thanks to Some European Governing Board Dragging Their Feet on the Business Case, the Brera is also one of the best-looking Alfas built since the Nixon administration. To further upset our morning constitution, Autodelta's virtually unassailable record of infusing the hotness Alfa didn't means the J5 3.2 C is likely quite a homewrecker. Now, t's got 348 hp to the front wheels, a running-with-scissors prospect if ever there was one. Still, if it's anything at all like previous Autodelta tuners, like the 147 GTA — which Jeremy Clarkson called a "barnacle" on the road — this one will nonetheless be a killer. Yeah, we know. Back to the keyboard.



Autodelta Launches Supercharged Alfa Romeo 156 Tuner [internal]

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