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This Ad For The Brickyard 400 Is The Greatest NASCAR Ad Of All Time

One of the great joys in life is getting to see evidence that someone has gone irretrievably, delightfully insane. Or, in this case, mensane, as in insane from over-saturation in insane men musk, which the Brickyard seems to be laden with. The mensanity evidence is all in this ad for Indianapolis Motor Speedway.


You know it's going to be good when it uses the words "face hole," "eagle punching another eagle at a rodeo," and "chinchilla." Which, by the way, will be let in free, so everyone bring your chinchilla to the track and go nuts.

Just watch it. If this ad was a person, right now he'd be convincing you to drink from a Mrs.Buttersworth bottle filled with gin and Yoo-Hoo before taking off his shirt and running full-force into a sliding glass door.


Good work, anonymous kook!

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What about hedgehogs? Asking for a friend.