This Acura NSX Commercial Is Incredibly Pretentious But It Gets A Pass

I think I may have found the one ad that sums up every pretentious luxury car commercial from the late 80s and early-to-mid 90s.

If you've been following my take on Classic Ad Watch a while, you know what I'm talking about: classical or crappy modern jazz music, an announcer with a British or educated-sounding accent, minimal dialogue, women staring at the screen seductively for some reason, and a general atmosphere that makes you feel like you're in some fancy museum and you're not allowed to touch anything.


BMW did it, Lexus did it, and Infiniti did the hell out of it, although the evidence of that debacle seems to be gone from the Internet forever.

And it all peaked with this ad. Fortunately, it gets a pass, because the car in question just happens to be an Acura NSX. It's not just marketing hype here — an NSX was built by hand, it was worth its large price tag, and it was a genuine Ferrari fighter from Japan, at least when it first debuted.

Yes, early 90s luxury car commercials were laughably ridiculous. But this? I'm okay with this.

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