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This '69 Boss Mustang Has Mario Andretti's Can-Am Engine Under The Hood

Ford's Boss Mustang is arguably one of the greatest American muscle cars ever built. That's why Bodie Stroud wanted to build one. But Stroud also likes to improve upon the original designs of the classic cars he restores — engineer out the corporate cost engineering, if you will.


We're glad that he does, because you get cars like this 1969 Boss Mustang. Its 777 hp aluminum 494-cubic inch V8 was built for Mario Andretti's Can Am car back in 1969, but was too powerful. So here it is now, in an old Mustang. But while most Mustangs had flimsyish unibodies, Stroud built a custom frame for this one, modifying the car's body to bolt up to it, body-on-frame style.

This car is just what it touts itself as: Boss. I can't imagine what it must be like to drive it, other than what I could gather from my visceral reaction to that massive engine's tigrine roar.


(Hat tip to Lucas!)

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Okay, since this thing has a custom frame, can we please rule out the notion that it's an actual '69 Mustang? It's really just a custom-build car made to look like a '69 Mustang.