This '60s Mustang/Cereal Combo Commercial Is Nice And Offensive

First of all: Rice Krinkles? What the fuck are Rice Krinkles? Everyone knows, for noisy cereal, it's fucking Krispies, not goddamn Krinkles. And, holy crap, their mascot is one of the most painful Asian stereotypes this side of Mickey Rooney. At least the little Mustang in the cereal box is fun.

I think the little mascot's name is So-Hi, too. Jeezis.

The actual promotion is interesting, though. I'm sort of surprised more car companies don't arrange for toy versions of their cars to be given away as fast-food meal toys or that sort of thing. I bet one of those little plastic Mustangs is worth a good amount now.


I do like the lack of shame in calling the cereal "sugary."

Also, the mother's confusion about what her son meant regarding the infinite regression of Mustang-cereal box-Mustang speaks more about the fragile state of the American middle class psyche in the mid '60s than countless books on the subject.

Krinkles. Come on!

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