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This 526 HP Darth Vader Corvette Is A Hot Wheels Dream Made Real

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Back in the 1980s, the car magazines and executives at General Motors dubbed the sinister and obscenely powerful Buick Grand National “Darth Vader’s car.” Thanks to the folks at Hot Wheels, Lord Vader has something to upgrade to.

Set to debut this week at the San Diego Comic-Con is this life-sized Hot Wheels Darth Vader car, based on a C6 Corvette chassis and featuring some of the most badass bodywork I’ve ever seen on a car. Seriously, it looks great. And also terrifying.


Autoblog says the Vader-vette has an LS3 V8 pumping out a healthy 562 horsepower. The nose piece is made of carbon fiber and the wheels are custom made by MHT. Apparently it can also do up to 80 mph if you’re brave enough to try it out.


And if you’re at Comic-Con, you can buy a toy version of the car with a commemorative case and lightsaber for the low, low price of $40. The actual Hot Wheels car goes on sale this fall.

Expect the actual Darth Vader Corvette to go on sale never, although I think it would make a great option on the upcoming 2015 Z06. Don’t you?