This 4WD Cummins Diesel Muscle Car Makes One Hell Of A Truck

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I’m not over lifted muscle cars yet. Especially when they’re as badass as this diesel-powered ’73 Road Runner, and we get to watch them run from wasteland marauders!

The idea of turning muscle cars into off-road rat rods seems to have hit the mainstream this year with the seventh Fast & Furious movie. Mad Max hit the gas on the trend a month later.

Do we still need to be acting like idiots in these cretinous junkyard abortion vehicles? Hell yeah. Can’t get enough of this stuff. Will somebody put Jeep axles on my aunt’s LTD already?!

You might recognize hosts Fred and Dave from Motor Trend’s Dirt Every Day. The video starts with some sponsor shoutouts that end at around the four minute mark if you want to skip to the donuts, but then you’ll miss all the rundown all the awesome parts that make this monster possible.


If you like seeing jacked-up cars eating dust as much as I do, you should find this pretty entertaining.

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Mopar muscle car
lifted 4x4

It’s the holy trinity of redneck car culture, I’ll take 10.