This $2.5 Million Chrome Bugatti Veyron Just Got Towed

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As one of the fastest and most expensive cars ever built, the Bugatti Veyron is a Concorde moment on the road.

But all that money and speed doesn't make them impervious to getting towed every once in a while.

This Veyron — which looks like it could be a $2.5 million Pur Sang Edition — is on a flatbed in Geneva, Switzerland. We are guessing that it is either broken down, was parked illegally, or the owner has some "money issues" that need to be sorted.


Any ideas?

Photo Credit: Sophia Reinicke/Facebook

(Hat tip to Sasha!)

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Xander, Proud of BOXER

Clearly it's a well planned heist. Acquire a flatbed truck and fake city workers' uniforms and pretend to tow a multimillion dollar car. How else can you make 2.5 million dollars in broad day light with the public cheering you on?