This 1970 De Tomaso Mangusta On Sale For $189,500 Only Needs An 'Easy' Refurbishment

There were 401 De Tomaso Mangustas made between 1967 and 1971, their value soaring ever higher, even for those that that need some work done under the hood. This 1970 example available from a dealer in Queens, N.Y., is gorgeous, as all Mangustas are. But there’s a small a catch.

“The original 302 V8 motor runs strong,” the ad, from Gullwing Motor Cars, says promisingly, after noting that the car was in storage for 35 years. They then get to the bad news. “The clutch and flywheel have binded together due to long term storage. The car is now ready for easy refurbishing.”


Now, how “easy” that refurbishing may or may not be on a 49-year-old Italian car I will leave to the experts. But the price is interesting. In May, for example, a cleaner 1970 Mangusta was bid up to $200,000 without meeting the reserve on Bring A Trailer, selling at auction for $214,500 last month.

That’s a good recent indication of where the market is. Maybe you think you can get this thing in similar shape for less than the $25,000 difference.

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