This 10-Year-Old Kid Drives His Porsche Better Than You Could

Yep, that's a 911 GT3 RS, complete with factory-installed roll bar, a wailing flat six, a ten-year-old driver drifting it like a champ, and... wait, what?!?

Meet Seppi Wörle. Seppi likes Playstation, driving his Smart ForTwo in places where it is presumably legal to do such things, and hauling ass in borrowed $100,000 Porsches. His brother, Schorschi, seems to be a better driver, but then, we'd expect that — he's 14.

Schorschi and Seppi spend a lot of their time helping out at the family business. The family business is the Porsche Zentrum 5-Seen. 'Nuff said. (Note: The video is in German, but that doesn't stop it from being mesmerizing.)

[Axis of Oversteer]

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Fred Smith

as with many others here, I'd like to say I drove better than this kid when I was this age myself. however, I'd be lying.