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What would it take to build the ultimate luxury car? A V32 engine? Baby-seal-fur interior? A trunk large enough for a squad of vestal virgins? (That's the last time we watch "Caligula" before bed.) One Italian Palm Springs car builder wants to see that first question answered, and he thinks his $2 million DiMora Natalia SLS2 is just the outlandish ride to do it. Of course, it would help if he wasn't a lunatic. Consider the oddly imagined options: paint that changes color based on ambient temperature, headlights that become film projectors, heat-adjustable cupholders, an automatic corkscrew and an electronically controlled ride subject to 60 sensors. The drivetrain involves pairing a 1,200-hp, 14-liter V16 with four-wheel drive. Now, let's see him build it. [UPDATE: Way more at the company's Web site.]

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