Thieves snatch teenagers' dragster before first race

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Two 17-year-old twins in Omaha, Neb., had big plans for their first drag race in their hardtail SuperComp this weekend — until the car and its trailer were stolen from an Omaha lot.

Matt and Tyler Selden have been drag racing for four years, winning several races in the NHRA Junior division and qualifying for SuperComp races this year. They had been prepping their purple-and-white car since February, but when then went to clean it last Friday, they found the car, trailer, tools and even a golf cart stolen from an Omaha lot.

The trailer is a white 2008 Team Spirit trailer, with a "Selden & McCormick" logo on the back and Nebraska plates. If you spot something, we'll pass it along.


Thanks Todd!

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HA! You said snatch, snigger, snigger. He, he, he, snort!