They Wrecked 130 Cars To Make Getaway

I've already mentioned that Ethan Hawke's new film Getaway is basically every car movie made in the last five years. What I didn't know was that this basically means they've destroyed as many cars as those films in the process of making it. That's 130 demolitions to be exact.


Don't worry, most of the cars appear to be worn Opeleugotroëns and nothing anyone would severely miss. The film hits theaters August 30th and you can modify a car that's obviously the hybrid between a Continental GT, a Mustang (please don't sue!), and a Charger here.

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This just reminds me of this story about Ronin. When they were filming that scene between the Peugeot 305 and the M5, they were using a Merc S600 w/ cameras sticking out of the trunk to TOW the M5 in some shots.

Time to watch it again tonight.