'They Say It's Unbreakable, But We're Going To Try'

Let me start by saying that this Peugeot 205 jump is huge. It's like, a car jumping over a car. It's massive. But the best part is why the driver wanted to do the jump in the first place.

Basically, everyone was saying his stripped-out econobox was indestructible, so he decided to give it a shot.

The say it's unbreakable. But we're going to try.

Dammit, that's just beautiful. Words to live by for any hoon.

Oh, and this dude is part of the same mad Dutchies who gave the world rolling Volkswagens, tractor-axle Opels, and racing bathtubs.


Many thanks to the excellent Sweet Jump Bro Facebook page. Follow it, you sonsabitches.

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