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They Did What Now? "Fishing Guy" Drives Multimillionz Lambo for PopSci

Illustration for article titled They Did What Now? Fishing Guy Drives Multimillionz Lambo for PopSci

Please, please tell me PopSci didn't send a fishing writer who's working on his novel in Spain to test drive Lamborghini's $1.4 million Reventón. That's not exactly like Rachel Ray profiling NASA's Ares I launch vehicle, but it certainly is a lucky break for a guy who spends time suffocating aquatic vertebrates for fun. I call sour grapes! [PopSci]


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I think the lambo engineers were just screwing with this guy. 80mph limit?? No accelerating in a turn?? It's like they know the guy is just tickled enough to have an opportunity to be behind the wheel of this car under its own power to not give them a crap review. Imagine the guys from top gear being given these restrictions.