What's An Annoying Part Of A Great Car?

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The greatest sports cars happily make compromises in comfort for gains in handling. The greatest luxury cars happily make compromises in handling for gains in comfort. Needless failings, however, are a different question.


We can understand that no car can be perfect in all areas. Even the McLaren F1 is hard to clamber into and the Citroen SM isn't very fast.

Take, for instance, the old Dodge Viper. Sure it acted like it wanted to spear off into a wall at every trackday. That's fine. That's part of the character. Reader F1_nothing_else_matters brings up a different issue, though, when comparing the 2013 SRT Viper to the second generation car.

Does the Viper still have a seatbelt that rubs the skin off of your neck (Viper Rash) and the ballsack vent under the steering column? My 2nd gen cars were hotter than hell in traffic so without the ballsack vent I would have always come home with swampass. Also always hated that seatbelt.


There's just no need for the Viper to have a terrible seatbelt. It appears to have been fixed in the newest generation, at least.

What other annoying traits mar otherwise-excellent cars? Post your top anoyances in Kinja below.

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Supreme Kiwi Zorro

most current great cars ditched manual transmission in flavour of semiautomatic or automatic because most inexperienced owners are too cheap to take driving and racing courses