These Unbelievable Saves Will Convince You Monster Trucks Are Amazing

You'd think something as tall as a monster truck would just tip over all the time, and they do, but the gnarliness they can get out of with a boot in the throttle is absolutely awesome to watch.


This here's a "freestyle" session at the Florida Citrus Bowl a couple years ago. Freestyle monster trucking pretty much what it sounds like; one rig going nuts in a big old dirt patch. (Also hilariously, and more or or less, accurately, compared to horse dressage by Wikipedia.)

The whole clip is awesome with the jumping and the noise-making, but the self-righting recoveries around 0:20 and 0:40 will give you a new respect for these maniac machines.

Original clip, that includes a little more run-up:


Seth Culp-Ressler

Man, when I was younger Monster Jam was my favorite show on TV. That said, it was really only for freestyle because of this kind of stuff. The racing was boring.

Good times.