These Two Women Drag 78-Year-Old Across Parking Lot

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These two women in — wait for it — Florida were arrested earlier this week for dragging a 78-year-old woman across a Dollar General parking lot after stealing her purse. They're also accused of stealing from a wheelchair-bound woman.

South Daytona police arrested Lacey Robertson, 29, on Tuesday night at a drug rehab center, while police in Port Orange arrested the second suspect, Sarah Lynn Higbee, 25, at a mobile home park Wednesday afternoon. Police say one of the women confessed to driving the Chevy Blazer while the other hopped out and grabbed purses from their targets.


While their first victim was unable to fight back Tuesday, their second victim, Jean Nelson, 78, attempted to hold onto her purse, as the two dragged her across the parking lot. Nelson was hospitalized in serious condition with head and ankle injuries. []


Jonathan Harper

The one on the right looks that special kind of stupid where she actually has no idea what shes doing.

I mean come on, she's practically smiling in the mug shot.