These Truck Skeletons Are Strangely And Creepily Lovely

Inspired by the charred skeletal remains of cars and trucks in the aftermath of riots, Indian artist Jitish Kallat has been building these incredible bone-like skeletons of cars, motorcycles, and trucks. I wonder what he did with all the meat? I bet that water tanker truck tastes like buffalo.


He describes the works as "grotesque, burlesque and arabesque in equal measure," and you've got to hand it to the man for that great run of "-esque" words. The pieces are named to suggest prehistoric animals as well — that water truck from 2008 is called Aquasaurus.

I've been thinking about biological analogues to motor vehicles for some time, and these manage to capture that strange, imagined interconnection remarkably well. I'd love to see these in person, as I imagine at full scale they're unsettling to be around, as the parts of your brain that appreciate natural history museums and garages collide.


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