These Guys Did a Burnout So Hard the Tire Exploded and Also It's in Slow Motion

You ever do a burnout so hard, that the tire itself just unzips? You ever do a burnout so hard, that the tire itself just unzips, and you film it in beautiful, gorgeous 28,500 frames per second slow motion?

You really do have to watch this in the slow-motion bit, because when it’s shown at regular speed it’s just “burnout, burnout, burnout, pifft.” But in super-duper slow mo? You get all the beauty of it.


(And if you can’t understand French, helpfully they’ve provided English subtitles.)

Okay, so they did over-inflate the tire to a staggering seven bar, or 102 PSI, to guarantee it would burst, but even still, it’s pretty rad. I’m not going to complain. There’s smoke! There’s noise! There’s unzipping tire!

Please, do more of this. I want to see it on Viper. I know someone reading this has a Viper. Please, make it happen. I’m waiting.

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