These Basque Badasses Are Chopping Cars In Half With Axes

I know our readership skews overwhelmingly Basque, so forgive this refresher for the tiny percentage that may not be familiar with Basque customs. See, there's a Basque sport called Aizkolaritza, which is a wood-chopping competition. But, like any competition, you can improve it by replacing wood with Peugeots.

I guess in a way this is a sort of auto race, as there's two teams attempting to chop their Peugeot 205 in half first. Amazingly, they can actually do it, pretty neatly and quickly. More amazingly, it looks like no one emptied the gas tank from the black 205 — you can see gas leaking out when the flip it on its side.


As if all this car-chopping goodness wasn't enough, it seems that the Basque word for axe, aizkora, is related to the Basque root word for stone, which gives rise in part to the aizkora controversy, which suggests that the Basque language can be traced directly back to the stone age.

I can't speak on that, but I can't think of any better people to go to if you need your car chopped in half, stat.

(Thanks, Javi!)

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