Image credit: Akio Ohtori

Chewing gum, zip-ties, cardboard and beer cans: what do all these things have in common? Why, they’re all useful in desperate car repairs, of course!

Last week, I asked you guys about your most desperate car fixes. I was looking for some truly ingenious, out-of-the-box thinking. Because convention is for losers.

There are more answers here than there usually are. Because you people are brilliant.

Lunch Break (RazoE)

If it comes between you and lunch....

Rat Problem (J.Pass)

Horrible stuff.

Those After-Hour Fridays (JackMcCauley)

Just a pinch of pepper will do.

Ice Ice (ciscokidinsf)

Whatever works!

Steering Coupler (Akio Ohtori)


Ignition (kstokes)

If you can light it on fire...

Seamless (Miss Mercedes ♥✈ smart Car Girl)

You can’t even tell it was coming off.

Shotgunning (Bullitt417)

There’s a drinking and driving joke here somewhere.

Caffeine Fix (Eat_Schnitzel)

They say you can’t start your day without it.

Namibia (kavandje)

Land Cruiser adventures.

Rallycross (MikaelVroom)

There are usually casualties.

Zip-Ties + Glue (TDIIES)

Look at that! Good as new.

Screw The Dealer (JEM)

Find your own way.

Tire Sandal (ScionOfLucas)


Reverse (Country Mac’s Ocular Patdown)

This is actually quite impressive.

Gum (Chris)

Funny how well stuff like that works out.

Moving (Wonderfully Disastrous)

It’s a bitch on so many levels.

Puppeteer (FairGentlemanZ)

Just gotta pull some strings.

More On That (FujiwaraTofuLXi?)

Glad most of my shoes come with laces.