These Are The Sweet-Ass Trophies You Get For Winning The United States Grand Prix

Oh man, just look at that sweet piece of sterling silver, gold plating and acrylic. Just how badly do you want one of those to display in your home to your friends and loved ones? Really bad, right?

You too can own one. All you have to do is win the U.S. Grand Prix Formula One race in Austin in a couple weeks.

Earlier this week the Austin American-Statesman gave a preview of the trophies that will be given out to the top three drivers and the winning team. They were handcrafted by Fox Silver Ltd., a nine-person operation in London who have made several F1 trophies before.


The trophies may be British but they're not without Texas flair. A Texas five-point star theme is carried out, and the arms look like the 252-foot observation tower at the Circuit of the Americas.

Pretty slick if you ask me. Now the interesting part will be who wins them on Nov. 18.

Photo credit Fox Silver Ltd. via American-Statesman

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