These Are The Nine New Volvo Models We'll Get By 2019

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Volvo's CEO says a bunch of all new models will be launched before February, 2019. Following the new XC90, there will be a new S90 and V90 replacing the S80 and the V70 next year. And that's just the start.


We already knew a lot about Volvo's ambitious plans for the next four years. Like that they won't be making bigger engines than four-cylinders, they are not interested in pure electric drive and that, while their beloved two-door concepts are on hold, more Polestars are coming for sure.

Now, Top Gear's Paul Horrell has all the details about what Volvo calls the 3x3 strategy, meaning having a saloon, a hatch/wagon and an SUV in three sizes.

  • The new XC90 will be joined by the S90 sedan and the V90 wagon in 2016.
  • In 2017, the XC60 gets replaced, followed by the S60 and V60 in 2018. These cars will be based on the XC90's SPA platform, but will use shorter wheelbases. They will also be available with a manual or a double-clutch automatic linked to an electric motor to get hybrid all-wheel drive.
  • In 2018, we also get a new car called the XC40, followed by the V40 and S40 in 2019. These cars will be based on their new, Swedish-developed CMA platform that will also be used by Geely in China. Expect three-cylinder turbo power as well, plus mechanical all-wheel drive instead of the electric drive you get in bigger Volvos.

Cross-country and long-wheelbase models from China will also be part of the lineup, but Hakan Samuelsson says "Volvo to Geely will be like Audi to Skoda".

Head of Design Thomas Ingenlath also confirmed what he told me before at the XC90 launch:

The 90 cluster will look different from the 60 cluster and the 40 cluster. The XC90 isn't a template to scale down to the XC60 and XC40. People are fed up with indistinguishable cars in a range.


Sounds good. For even more details, head over to Top Gear.


Mallory McMorrow

All I want to know is when can I get a production Concept Estate Polestar (Estate Polestar?)? Put me first on that list.