These Are The 10 Least-Requested Options And Packages For New Cars

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Buying a new car usually means having to pick from a bewildering array of options and option packages. At least that’s what I’m told by my friends who still have and use American money, as opposed to the Space Credits I foolishly converted all of my funds to. I did some research on these options, and found the least popular packages.


Some of these aren’t surprising, and a few of these packages can actually end up on many cars, even though they’re almost never willingly selected. I bet some of these more rare options could turn some cars into collector’s items, so keep your eyes open for the following option packages:

10. Masturbator’s Convenience Package

9. Steering Delete Track Package

8. Always-on Seat Heater/Always-on Full-Blast A/C Comfort Group

7. Blind-spot Warning Randomizer Alertness Enhancement Package

6. You’re-Staying-In-Your-Lane-Just-Fine 75 dB buzzer

5. Permanently integrated Giant Sunglasses/Call Police cardboard windshield thing


4. Intermittent Headlights

3. Windshield Wipers and Interior Grab Handles Self-Lubricating and Oiling System Group

2. Full-Interior HVAC Flow Exhaust Gas Recirculator

1. Joy Delete

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Free up that right hand with this Masturbator’s Convenience Package: