Gran Turismo Fans' Best Ideas For New Tracks

Readers of our car-crazy sister site Jalopnik have answered the call and hand-crafted some tracks that they'd love to see in a future Gran Turismo. Take a look.

Full-disclosure, Jalopnik ran the contest to help promote their upcoming film festival, which is presented by Gran Turismo 6. Still, cool tracks!

These Amazing Reader-Drawn Tracks Should Be In Gran Turismo 6

As part of the Jalopnik Film Festival we asked you to create your dream track in order to win a one-of-a-kind simulator. Here's the winner and the many honorable mentions.

Since you'll be able to draw your own track in Gran Turismo 6 with their new "Track-Maker" system it only made sense to determine who gets the HumanRacing GT chassis to the person who drafted the best track. The entries included thoughtful and challenging tracks, hilarious copies of existing items, and fewer pieces of male genitalia than you'd expect.


Our winner is blackviper8891's DE LOREAN MOTOR CIRCUIT, which is a challenging race course designed around a DeLorean DMC-12 with the doors up! It's clever, challenging, and seems to incorporate multiple layouts and buildings to fit whatever your needs may be. Here's how they describe it:

I had to think about this one. Being that this contest is for the Jalopnik film festival and considering that my personal favorite movie car is the Delorean DMC-12... I felt the most fitting way to go about entering was to turn that car into its own circuit.

There were hundreds of designs so we're just picking out a few of the ones we thought stood out for various reasons as honorable mentions (if you're an honorable mention email tips @ and we're going to try and get you something, too). Thanks for entering and definitely check out the original post for all the entries.

Honorable Mention: Most Gorgeously-Rendered Track

Joe_Limon's 3D banked track

Honorable Mention: Best Brown Nosing Track

Bongo's Circuito Del Jalopnik

Honorable Mention: Most Beautiful Track

RedGlovesRule99's Seattle Motorsports Park

Honorable Mention: Best Hand-Drawn Track

vin13's Pencil and Straight Edge

Honorable Mention: Best Homage

Gamecat235's Complex String II